3 reggae songs you will never forget

Reggae is basically Jamaican music, but it roots in New Orleans R&B. Reggae is derived from ska which is a rhythmic variation based on the New Orleans R&B. The Jamaican musicians heard these on their radios and got inspired by it. Raggae is actually a slower version of ska. Raggae was very popular in the 60s. Here are the top three reggae songs of all times.

No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley

Bob Marley is considered to be the reggae legend. This song has the original reggae feel to it. The song was first recognized in 1974 through the studio album Natty Dread. The live version from the album Live! was released as a single and best known version in 1975.

Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley

The lyrics of this song are beautiful and Bob Marley sang it really well. The title and lyrics of the song refer to the black U.S. cavalry regiments called ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ who fought in the Indian Wars after 1866. Marley was very moved by their fight for survival and so this song was written. It is one of the greatest Bob Marley song ever.

Santeria – Sublime


This song is part of the album ‘Sublime’ released on 1996 by the American band Sublime. The lyrics of the song are about a jealous ex-boyfriend who is planning to take revenge on a guy who stole his girlfriend. But then, the man decides to find a new girlfriend. The lyrics uses some strong language, like referring to his girlfriend as ‘hyena’. But the song is beautiful. The singer Nowell unfortunately died just before the release of this song due to a heroin overdose.

Reggae songs are as versatile as the blues. It has reached mainstream through ‘reggae sunsplash’ festivals and pop bands like UB40. A number of artists like Bob Marley have taken Reggae to a different height. The songs just mentioned will be always remembered.

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