How to set up your own online radio station

You can easily set up your own online radio station from anywhere. Today, a growing number of people are choosing online radio to listen to their favorite music. These music are free and are independent of any broadcaster. Some of these are even targeted to particular niche audiences around the world. If you have a computer, mixing desk and microphone, then it will take less than an hour to set up an internet radio station. You can set up an online radio station in a number of ways. Actually, the task is very simple and all you need are some free software along with your hardware. Types of radio and costs vary depending on whether you are a hobbyist or a professional. Here are the tools that you need to start up a radio station.

Basic radio hardware and software

You need a computer, microphone and headphone in order to speak and hear yourself. If the hardware is good, then you will sound good too. You can use web software or radio-specific software. In order to create and record sounds for radio, you need a way of playing music and recording voice. You will of course need the music you are playing. You will find many free online tools available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Many tools can convert your recording into a stream too, either with or without extensions. You can start by using Audacity or Winamp.

Legal issues about hosting radio online

You should follow the law. You must check that you have the rights to broadcast music that you are playing online. You should check with your local authorities to find out if there are any broadcasting rules that you need to know before getting on air. For some places, you may have to pay rights for broadcasting online. Your cost will be calculated depending on the number of listeners you have.

Use a free radio station host

You can start your radio station by using a free radio station host. Shoutcast, for example, is a free and simple way to host your radio station. The tools required vary depending on your operating system. It is very easy to host your radio station using Shoutcast. If you face any problem, then there is forum of broadcasters who can help you. These people can also give you advice regarding how to improve your radio station. You will find many articles on setting up radio station using Shoutcast. Free Stream Hosting is another free host. But this hosting service lets you have maximum 1,000 users for free. After that they start to charge for the service. They will place ads on your site and will earn money this way.


Steps in setting up internet radio station

Here are the major steps in setting up your internet radio station. The steps are very simple and you will be able to set up your own radio station within a very short time.

1. Decide on the format

First, you need to select what you want to broadcast on your radio station. Most people choose music. You can also choose to have talks, sounds, news, etc.

2. Digitalize Your Content

You should now convert all your tapes, CDs and vinyl records to a digital audio format. For example, you can convert it to an mp3 format. The quality of mp3 is determined by the birate it is created at. For example, birate of 24 to 32 kbps is good for talking and birate of 92 to 128 kbps is very good for music. You must remember that the higher birate you choose, the more space it will take.

3. Download and install software for broadcasting

You can start by downloading Winamp. Along with Winamp, you also need a special plugin called the ‘SHOUTcast Radio DSP plug-in’. You can also use this shoutcast tutorial to get you started.

4: Determining the streaming audio server setup

You must have enough bandwidth available so that the listeners can connect and listen to your radio station. If not enough bandwidth is available, then the listeners may experience buffering. Now, you need to select a streaming audio server. You can use Shoutcast.You should remember that these free servers have limited functionality. Paid hosting has a wide range of functionalities.

Step 5: Configuring the Shoutcast DSP settings in Winamp to start broadcasting.

As you have downloaded the right software, you need to configure the Shoutcast DSP settings in Winamp to begin broadcasting.

Step 6: Listening To Your Radio. Is expensive equipment needed?

Not really, going for expensive speakers or god forbid a studio monitors setup is not needed before you reach at least five figure monthly earnings with your radio. For a start you can go with something as good as your tv soundbar and besides you can actually use your new radio project as an excuse to buy one. A good place to help you get started is this soundbar reviews website.

Step 6: Make sure your equipment is safe!

If you are investing some money into your equipment make sure you will not damage it, our friends from Almac – Инфрачервени Радиатори, remind us that the best way to keep a room with tech equipment warm is by using infrared heaters..

When you set up your online radio station, you need decide how professional you want the radio station to be. You need to consider whether some advertising will outweigh technical needs and costs. The simple methods like Spreaker doesn’t let you have mp3 stream to share. You need to use social sharing in order to share content with friends. After you have set up your radio station, you should now concentrate on making it interesting and attract as many listeners as possible.

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