Radio Stations

For those who don’t like searching for a song to hear or going through a playlist, then can listen to free online radio stations. Here are some of the Internet radio stations you will like.


Since 2000, this online radio has been broadcasting electronic, alternative, and many more. It is one of the oldest online radio stations. Their service is listener supported; that is, there are no commercials or ads during the broadcasts. The programs and channels that are aired in this radio station are not heard anywhere else. Their unique programs make them a very popular choice among people. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the schedules of the show so that you can listen to the programs you want to hear. This radio station has mobile apps too.



Pandora gives you great new music depending on the music you already enjoy. If you give Pandora the name of one of your favorite song or an artist, then you will be hearing songs by the same artist or similar songs by the artists. That is, they will play the songs you like to hear. You only need to use your thumb to interact with Pandora. Pandora mobile apps are also available.



It is a very personalized form of radio. You can play a number of specific channels at a time. The playlists are curated by actual human DJs. You can personalize certain stations by giving feedback on what you like and getting rid of artists you don’t like. The Slacker’s music library is packed with new music. Mobile apps for these radios are also available for Android, iOS Blackberry, and many more. The basic version of the radio is free.



It is music station with music search tool, collaborative playlists and a great radio service. It plays songs based on popular artists or an artist you like. You can easily play your favorite type of music. This station is free and ad-supported. Mobile apps are available.

With all these amazing free radio stations, all you need to do is click play, sit and enjoy. They will play your favorite songs and also provide you personalized service. As these are free, you can donate some money to keep them running.