Top 5 free radio shows online

It is fun listening to music. Online radio is a very good medium for music now. You no longer have to waste your time managing playlists. You can choose from various internet radio stations, many of which are dedicated to specific genres. Every week there are hundreds of shows on various online radios that are worthy of our attention.

Here is a compilation of the top radio shows online.

Alien Jams with Chloe Frieda – by NTS Radio


The show is hosted by Chloe Frieda every Sunday at 5pm GMT. It is about early electronics and contemporary experimental sounds. You will hear guest mixes from artists like DMX Irew, Not Waving and Shelley Parker. This show is about weird, but wonderful music that exists which most of us are not aware of.

Cooking With Palms Trax – by Berlin Community Radio

Cooking With Palms Trax

It is a showcase of the Lobster Theremin artist and RBMA grad’s eclectic taste. Sometimes you will hear hardware jams and twisted house that influence his production; and at other times you will hear soul, funk, Afro and disco records from his collection.

DEBONAIR with Debi Ghose by NTS Radio


This program is aired twice a week on Thursdays from 5pm – 6 pm GMT. It is the best drivetime show on radio. Besides minimal wave, house and techno, you will hear Paul McCartney deep cuts, Pixies or the Coil. She is one of the best presenters on radio.

Future Beats with Doc Scott by Origin


You will hear new potential and directions of music. It is one of the best monthly radio shows you can find online. You will love Scott’s skill of mixing and keen ear. You will enjoy this two hours of solid vibes.

Sounds of the Dawn – by NTS Radio


You will love this two hours of Sublime musical opium. It’s lightly plucked strings and haunting ambience has made this show so popular.

There are many more great shows on online radio. You can read radio magazines or reviews to find out which are the best shows. You can start with the list that has been just provided.

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